• Fabric Resistance Bands -- Set of 3
  • Fabric Resistance Bands -- Set of 3
  • Fabric Resistance Bands -- Set of 3

Fabric Resistance Bands -- Set of 3


Fabric Resistance Bands -- Let’s FIRE UP those glutes!

 We are so excited to bring you our second iteration of our cotton resistance bands in our eco-friendly line of fitness apparel and accessories.

C3 (pronounced "C-cubed") stands for Comfort. Confidence. Community. That's what we want you to feel when you slip on our apparel, use our products, or step into our new Fitness Studio! With our fitness bands, we aim to build on the second 'C'= Confidence. We want you to get uncomfortable by turning up the heat on your workout routine with these recyclable resistance bands and SEE AND FEEL THE DIFFERENCE in your strength, shape, and confidence!

  • 🍑 Activate your glutes, add resistance to your lower body workout, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!
  • Our custom fabric fitness bands are the MAIN ingredient to tone your legs, hips, thighs, and booty with THREE levels of resistance in each set.
  • Use for resistance on your lateral movements, compound movement, and isolation movements to target all the muscles in the glutes!
  • The non-slip grips on the inside prevent rolling, and won't snap against your skin like the latex version.
  • Our bands come in a durable mesh bag for easy transition from home to the gym..or wherever you take your workout.
  • $25.00